On the basis of findings of numerous studies of pectin and its health benefit, SUNLAND developed and patented the unique biologically pure form of pectin. Liquid Pectin LiVes is an absolutely biologically pure product at all production stages and is the most digestible form for humans. As compared to powdered pectin, there are no contraindications for the use of our product and no additional precautions are required while taking it. Liquid Pectin LiVes is able to simultaneously within a short time span boost your immune system, strengthen and clean blood vessel walls, including brain vessels, cleanse lymph and tissue fluids from underoxidized metabolic products and biowaste, clear toxins, waste products, radionuclides…

Liquid Pectin cleanses the body and also nourishes it with required microelements and vitamins. Taking Liquid Pectin regulates digestion and improves metabolism.

Regular intake of Liquid Pectin will invigorate and replenish you. Physical activity won’t be a drag to you any longer, the quality of your life will greatly improve. You will get rid of all stress- and pollution-related illnesses – away with insomnia, chronic fatigue, indigestion, constipation.

Regular intake of Liquid Pectin for recreational purposes prevents such grave diseases like coronary heart disease, oncological diseases.

With Liquid Pectin, you will get a key to a healthy body and feeling well, taking care of your health at the same time.

Pectin LiVes will transform you and these changes will be visible to people around you – your body, ridden of waste products and free radicals, will soon make you happy with your cheerful feeling of well-being and a young, fresh complexion. Healthy hair, skin, nails – these are your health data.

Buying a recommended for health promotion and disease prevention Liquid Pectin Health kit and taking 50 ml of pectin beverage every day you take a step towards health and youth preservation right now.

Our product serves to protect your health and will also help you cope with the existing problems.


сгонка2 Сгонка весаThe unique qualities of pectin have turned pectin into our right-hand man in overweight struggle. Liquid Pectin is an absolutely natural and balanced method of weight regulation, based on body cleansing, metabolism regulation and health promotion.

Apple pectin, with its ability to quickly satiate hunger without adding extra calories to the diet, makes an indispensable helper in disease prevention and treatment as well as in your struggles to look perfect.

This method of losing weight is most safe, Liquid Pectin hits the cause of overweight – accelerates metabolic processes and rids the body of waste products and toxins.

In the stomach, pectin turns into natural gel and moves along the intestine, absorbing toxins, all dead-load that accumulates in our body. It eliminates heavy metal ions, pesticides, radionuclides, nitrates and never leaves out organic toxins that build up in the body. Molecules of pectin сlean the intestine, maintaining the bacteriological balance. Curative pectin gel coats stomach walls and prevents toxins from entering blood. Pectin does not get digested in the stomach and has no calories; cleansing our body, it helps us struggle overweight and improve metabolic processes.

Taking Liquid Pectin, you will get a healthy body in great shape, taking care of your health at the same time.

For natural weight loss and metabolism regulation the recommended dose of Liquid Pectin is 150 ml per day. Impress people around your with your new shape and amazing looks in a month after buying Liquid Pectin Light.



Liquid Pectin is indicated for prevention of type 1 and 2 diabetes and recommended for daily use for patients with these diseases.

Diabetes is a disease characterized by a complex metabolic disorder resulting from the lack of insulin or inability of the body to respond to adequately to circulating insulin (insulin resistance) which causes increase in blood sugar (glucose). Diabetes liability can be genetic or caused by hypodynamia and regular overeating. Risk factors include unhealthy eating habits, such as regularly choosing high-sugar and high-fat foods.

Liquid Pectin revitalizes the body, clears waste products and toxins, regulates metabolic processes. As a result, insulin sensitivity increases, weight goes away in a natural way, insulin is regularly produced in required amounts.

In fact, according to the clinical data, pectin contributes to substantial reduction in blood sugar in 33 of 50 such studies (in 66% cases) which exceeds the data of patients taking insoluble fiber.

A month of regular intake of Liquid Pectin stabilizes the patient’s condition, lowers the level of blood sugar and brings it up to norm. Receiving pectin as a supporting therapy along with prescribed medication substantially improves the patient’s condition, regular intake for prevention purposes ensures you well-being and reduction in diabetes risk.

Ecologically safe Liquid Pectin has the best presentation form — we do not use cellulose coating that may contain sugar and be contraindicated in patients with diabetes.


Liquid Pectin shows amazing properties in the recovery process after surgery and chemotherapy course in oncologyand prevention of colorectal cancer.

Liquid Pectin is the strongest natural cleaner of the body. After the injection of cellular poisons during chemotherapy, Pectin helps the body get rid of their remains, reducing side effects. Liquid Pectin is recommended in a supporting procedure package.

One of the studies published in Clinical Medicine: Oncology in 2007 contains data obtained by oncologists of the Centre for Tumor Biology (University of Freiburg, Germany). During clinical trial patients with malignant tumors of various localizations, mainly colon cancer and prostate cancer, besides conventional treatment, received 5 g ofmodified citrus pectin three times a day within 4 weeks. The investigators pointed out the positive effect in more than a half of the patients.

Researchers from California, the USA, obtained data testifying to the fact that using pectin prolongs the recurrence period for prostate tumors after treatment (Prostate Cancer Prostatic Dis, 2003).

Positive effects of use of pectn in oncology diseases are, to a certain extent, related to the fact that polysaccharides and products of its metabolism cause apoptosis (programmable death) of tumor cells such as colon adenocarcinoma (the article was published in Anticancer Res in 2003 by staff of University of Reading, UK) and prostate tumors (the article was published in Glycobiology in 2007 by staff of Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Georgia, USA).


Stenocardia, heart attack, sudden death, all kinds of cardiac arrhythmias — all these diseases are collectively called: «Coronary heart disease».

Due to its lipid-lowering properties, pectin improves the patient’s condition in various forms of coronary heart disease (heart attack, stable stenocardia).

In 1988 the researchers of Florida State University, USA, published the results of their studies in Clin. Within several weeks of the study volunteers at high risk for cardiovascular diseases (based on cholesterol and LDL cholesterol data) were receiving a 15 g dose of the supplement of pectin and grapefruit in in a course of 4 weeks with two 4-week intervals between the courses. The research participants were leading their usual life without any diets. The tests were conducted at a high level, compliant with the requirements of evidence-based medicine, ie, all the participants received identical capsules, but only half of them contained pectin. All the capsules were numbered, and until the end of the research neither the participants nor the doctors knew which of the patients had been receiving pectin. The study managers revealed the secret only after the impressive results had been finalized: patients who had received polysaccharides showed 7.6% reduction in cholesterol level and 10.8% reduction in LDL cholesterol level.

Pectin-enriched diet helped patients with overweight and obesity who have survived heart attack quickly adapt to a low-calorie diet.

Nature supplied you with everything to ensure you a long and happy life, so take advantage of this gift right now and order a course of Pectin Ultra


Allergic and skin diseases


The main reason for allergies is contamination of the internal environment of the body: such a body gets easily imbalanced even by microdoses of new foreign substances, whereas a clean body can easily cope with this situation.

Due to its structure and absorbing capacity pectin binds toxins and removes them from the body. A course of Liquid Pectin helps to reduce the exacerbation of eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis.

Food allergy most often arises along in the setting of local immunity disturbance in the intestines caused by chronic inflammatory and infectious intestinal diseases. By eliminating intestinal dyskinesia and destroying all pathogens in the gastrointestinal tract Liquid Pectin helps stabilize the activity of the immune system in the intestine.

In the course of treatment of these diseases people have to use drugs that have severe side effects including in most cases exacerbation of skin diseases. Liquid Pectin does away with collywobbles in most cases and spares the need to take a large quantity of drugs. Against this background, skin condition improves without any additional effort.

Patients with allergic skin diseases often have intestinal dysbiosis. This state is accompanied by increased absorption of toxic and antigenic products of digestion as well as waste products of pathogenic and opportunistic microorganisms through the intestinal walls. Using Liquid Pectin eradicates dysbiosis effectively, thereby eliminating one of the most powerful factors of emergence and development of eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis.

Liquid Pectin is one of the most powerful sorbents of toxins and waste products; it prevents their absorption, circulation and accumulation in the body. In this context, the self-cleaning ability of the skin manifests itself most clearly.



Ridding the body of waste products and supplying it with all required microelements, Liquid Pectin helps regulate metabolic processes and lose excessive weight. Regular intake of pectin will have a quick impact on the state of your hair and skin. After regulating biological processes in your body, Liquid Pectin will make you look blooming and healthy.

The patented form of Liquid Pectin is best for daily intake of the required amount of beneficial elements.

The method of manufacturing Liquid Pectin ensures its absolute food safety at all production stages. Liquid Pectin is no medication, has no contraindications and serves to enhance the effect of medical treatment prescribed by the doctor.

A week of daily intake of the delicious pectin beverage is sure to let you see the striking changes in your well-being and appearance.

In chronic diseases and disease exacerbation a special course of Liquid Pectin ULTRA PLUS is recommended.


Liquid Pectin was created by the effort of Prof. Donchenko L.V., Director of Research Institute «Biotechnologies and Food Product Certification»